Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy

Determining the best supply chain strategy to deliver maximum profits and sustainability is contingent on a company's:

  • Sales channel strategy and market competition 
  • Customer order profiles and service expectations 
  • Product lifecycles, dimensions and fragility 
  • Sourcing and manufacturing capability and options

For example, highly competitive, commoditised environments require a supply chain solution that focuses on efficiencies to maximise the small margins on offer. Strong Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is required to ensure inventory is available to support demand. High asset utilisation is also important to minimise production/product costs.

Alternatively, short lifecycle products require a strategy focused on speed-to-market, with continuous product development, and efficient and reactive S&OP processes to meet customer demand and to minimise obsolescence. A single or low batch purchasing and/or manufacturing strategy is likely to best support this environment.

There are many more supply chain strategies to support a variety business models and each will have various cost and service compromises.

As experienced supply chain consultants, Prological can provide services to review, develop and optimise your supply chain strategy.

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