Transport Management Review


food & beverage
wholesale, retail & consumer goods

      - $700MIL

  - $12MIL


Prological was invited by the client to articulate and assess their transport management requirements, as well as identify any additional opportunities that may significantly reduce transport management .

The freight task presented the following challenges:

  • Large number of customer orders and the large cold chain component of deliveries
  • Inefficient picking, staging and despatch processes that limit accessibility to benefits of right-sizing vehicles and fleets.


Route Planning

  • Developed a detailed understanding of the current operations
  • Design of the freight tasks and supporting processes as required by the client and their customers.
  • Transport Management System (TMS) solutions to be evaluated against a clear, operationally-defined requirements specification


The project identified opportunities that will provide the client with a clear pathway to best practice transport management including:

  • A reduction in the number of trucks and drivers at some stores
  • Reduction in the size of certain vehicles at most stores without compromising service

The TMS specification was developed to align with client’s Service Delivery requirements in the following key areas:

TMS Measures

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Delivering Results

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