National Freight Review


electrical goods
wholesale, retail & consumer goods

- $800mil

- $21MIL


To understand the current national freight spend for the client and design a sustainable, fair and ethical cost & service model for all contractors.

Identify potential cost and service improvement opportunities for each state/geography.


In order to make real the opportunities we proposed to work on parallel workstreams including:

  1. Baseline freight report
  2. Freight KPI reporting dashboard
  3. Standardised Service Agreement / charging structure
  4. Cost and Service Opportunities

Each workstream followed our holistic approach including redesign, engagement, evaluation and implementation.


To meet the brief Prological delivered the following key outputs:

Freight Baseline

  • An accurate and detailed baseline of current freight activity, costs and service
  • A strong understanding of the current processes, customer behaviour, order profiles, geographic understandings, kms, cost-to-serve at order level (by geography/region if possible) and vehicle/fleet utilisation by geography
  • Key performance metrics to monitor costs and activity by geography and driver
  • Map of client’s data sources to calculate KPIs
  • An overview of potential optimisation opportunities relating to:
    • Current operations and fleet configuration
    • Outsourcing some freight tasks
  • Insights to enable evidence-based decisions on the cost and service implications of a number of freight strategies 

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