Freight Optimisation


automotive & aviation

        - $800MIL

        - $4.1M


Following a decision to insource responsibility for ownership and management of the freight partner(s), Prological was engaged to support the client in optimising their current freight arrangements to significantly reduce costs and provide new service options including:

  • Better service to dealers and improved DIFOT
  • Decreasing air freight through improved land-based options
  • Increasing packing density
  • Reduction in road and air freight expenditure


Our holistic approach allows us to identify the maximum available opportunities within your distribution activity to reduce expenditure, unlock service improvements and build a competitive advantage.

  1. Current-state review
  2. Design & segmentation of the freight task
  3. Market engagement process
  4. Qualitative and quantitative tender response evaluation
  5. Supporting the implementation of the agreed solution 

Freight Baseline


As a result of the freight optimisation process Prological was able to identify immediate operational & system changes to consolidate orders that significantly reduced the frequency of unnecessary basic charges saving approximately $400k p.a.

Savings opportunities of at least $350k per annum were also accessible without compromising service levels.

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