Renewable Energy in Australia's Industrial Sector Falling Behind

In Australia today we have the choice of producing electricity without also producing waste in the form of unwanted gases. This choice exists both domestically and increasingly in the grid for our national power requirements.

Between these however sits our industrial sector. Whilst working with our clients to design and optimise warehousing environments we have seen few Greenfield projects give any consideration to sustainable energy integration or retrofitting.  

Why does it matter if energy is renewable? Renewable energy is about harvesting energy that is already present in our natural environment (gravity, thermal, wind, solar radiation to name just a few) and converting that naturally occurring energy into electricity without producing anything that is harmful to our environment as a by-product.  

For this reason, Prological, in partnership with The University of Wollongong is undertaking a research project to find out why Australia’s industrial sector is trailing behind in renewable development, investment, and deployment. The project is engaging a range of our clients and partner’s industrial sites across various geographies to investigate the possibilities of renewables using simulation processes across real data on real facilities.  

The first paper from this research is now available for download from our Tools & Resources section on the website.

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