Meet John Botterill, Prological's NZ-based Senior Consultant

Joining Prological a year ago, John Botterill is a Senior Consultant based in New Zealand. He heads up our New Zealand office and works closely with all of our clients to lead our projects in NZ.

John is an industry veteran who has diverse experience across the logistics and finance sector, including senior roles at Swisslog and Dematic.

We asked John a few questions about his role at Prological and his life.

What do you enjoy most about working for Prological?

It’s a great team, there is a breadth of knowledge and skills across the experienced team so you can bounce ideas around and constantly explore ways of improving things for our clients. Through all of the work that we do, the team has a genuine desire to drive positive change and bring value to the customer, this really resonates with me.

What is the proudest moment in your career?

In my early 20s I started a finance company and after 10 years I sold the business. When you build something from scratch over a decade, and then decide it’s time to let it go – it’s a great feeling that someone else sees value in it.

What do you like about working in supply chain?

Processes. There is nothing better than looking at a process, considering it, twisting it and tweaking it to make it more efficient.

What trends are you seeing in the supply chain and logistics space?

I think there is a lot of exciting developments technologically, especially with AI and robotics. It will be interesting to see how these two converge and where they tangibly fit within the supply chain. The pressure on organisations to mitigate the risks around constrained labour and labour cost is pushing technology companies to provide new and innovative solutions.

I do think that for many organisations looking to automation and technology, it’s not the starting point, it’s the end game. First and foremost, organisations should get their base processes right. They need to be as efficient as they can be manually, from there they have an accurate baseline to work out if automation is right.

Technology and/or automation won’t solve problems alone, it’s important to understand what the root cause of any challenge or inefficiency is before looking to invest and deploy.

Who inspires you?

Everyday people doing everyday life well. We all face our challenges and have our nuances, but I just find it inspiring how many people just get about their life every day in a way that adds their bit of value to society.

What are you passionate about?

Friends might say a good Barossa Shiraz (sorry to those great Kiwi wine makers making Syrah, but they are just not mo). Or an awesome steak sandwich… or both at the same time. In truth, it’s not far off. I love simple things and I am passionate about family, about wanting a challenge, and of course my best friend who I celebrate 25 years of marriage with this year.

Name one thing on your bucket list

We are fortunate enough to own a small piece of land in North Auckland, and I want to develop it as a sustainable property and build an off-grid house on it.

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