International Freight

International Freight

Businesses are faced with a multitude of decisions when importing product. Determining the best sourcing location, incoterms, origin and destination ports, shipping method and service, freight forwarders, customs agents, and wharf cartage carrier can be challenging - with the competing priorities of lower cost of goods, and shorter, more reliable transit times.

Often a significant component of supply lead times, the international freight strategy has a direct impact on profit, inventory levels and customer service. Selecting appropriate partners is essential to deliver a successful result.

For existing networks, standard procurement processes only deliver one-off cost benefits since the operational processes and systems are rarely considered and challenged. 

Innovation is the key to unlocking the optimal solution to access the available savings and service outcomes.


As experienced supply chain consultants, Prological can assist your business by:

  • Conducting an audit of your international freight network 
  • Designing a freight network aligned to your customer promise and cost constraints 
  • Managing the selection of appropriate vendors through a tender process 
  • Developing a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) framework for internal and external performance management 
  • Implementing freight solutions 
  • Providing ongoing freight management and Reporting Services 


Prological’s holistic approach to review, challenge, design and implement freight solutions is focussed on innovation, collaboration and industry engagement to deliver optimised and sustainable outcomes. Our Clients typically enjoy:

  • Reduction of freight costs (10-35%) depending on the scale of the network and potential for innovation 
  • Reduction of inventory safety stock 
  • Improved Delivered ln Full, On Time (DIFOT) 
  • Optimised organisational structure to better manage freight service and cost 
  • Controlled selection of shipping methods and services 

Delivering Results

Prological provides unbiased advice providing our clients with customised and sustainable, best-practice solutions.

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