Most companies are concerned with rising electricity and gas costs and are also becoming more socially conscious with a focus on energy sustainability. 

Our supply chain clients, particularly manufacturers, have a large energy requirement and the associated costs are significant. Energy consulting is a natural extension to our suite of service offerings.


Prological, in conjunction with the Sustainable Building and Research Centre (SBRC) at the University of Wollongong, and other partners, can provide energy and sustainability advice, project design, and programme implementation focussing on:

Energy reduction initiatives: 

  • Equipment improvement - Right sizing, replacing pneumatics systems with electronics, optimising lubrication
  • Better control systems on equipment to reduce peak loads and offset costs due to typical peak load energy cost structures 
  • Alignment of high use/draw equipment to off-peak rate periods 

Sustainability options (retrofit and greenfield facilities): 

  • Solar and water-based energy generation technologies
  • Energy-sustainable construction materials 
  • Phase-change systems and lithium batteries 

In many instances, the cost of energy reduction initiatives can be largely offset with access to government incentives when appropriate measurement and project management methodologies are applied.

Delivering Results

Prological provides unbiased advice providing our clients with customised and sustainable, best-practice solutions.

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